Cabinetry (and building in general) is by nature pretty wasteful. It comes from the fact that most solid materials come in a particular size and generally needs to be whittled down into what you want them to be.The rest of it goes somewhere else, usually the landfill.

Some of the reasons for my current fascination with bamboo, aside from its aesthetic appeal, have to do with it’s inherent “green-ness”. It is rapidly renewable and the brand that I use is FSC certified. That’s great, but the best thing about it, for me, is that by it’s nature there is very little scrap too small to be used on another project and the rest gets recycled with my yard waste. Check out my top ten list about bamboo on my google+ page.

Laminate, by its nature is a pretty messy affair. I believe that the color and extreme durability it can add to a piece is worth the tradeoff. I do limit the color palette I use so that I can reasonably store off cuts for future projects. I generally use only Nevmar and Pionite laminate due to their superior durability and their attempts to make a primarily plastic product green.

I use only water based low VOC finishes and adhesives.

I recycle everything I can, down to bits of steel and the plastic bags, paperboard, and cardboard that  everything seems to come in. Its just a habit now.
I use florescent & LED lighting exclusively and more importantly, turn them off when not needed.

There you have it. Is it green? I don’t know, but I’m trying!