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Welcome to Chux !

Chux Furniture Company is an outlet for unique, environmentally friendly,  handmade modern furniture. Each piece is an original, designed and built by Chuck Lloyd in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado USA.

This furniture is not, and probably will not ever be, mass produced. Each new design starts with an idea or some kind of inspiration, and then... 

  • a sketch, just to flesh out the idea
  • usually some Google research time
  • obtain materials & hardware
  • a computer model to visualize the details
  • a mock-up or prototype
  • make construction jigs
  • make parts or finished product
  • 4-5 coats spray finish
  • final assembly
  • photography & editing
  • put it onto the website, Facebook, etc 

Is it worth it? I will let you be the judge. Thanks for looking!